Welcome to the Essex Rock and Mineral Society – ERMS

We help you Dig into your Past…..  and into your Future

Who are we and what do we do?

  • ​We are a long-established, diverse group of amateurs and professionals – anyone over 18 can Become a Member!
  • We meet up twice a month – once in Shenfield (Brentwood) and once in Stanway (Colchester) – where we listen to a talk from an invited speaker
  • Once a month, we also host an additional Zoom meeting, where an invited speaker delivers a presentation
  • During the summer, we organise field visits at the weekend, mainly to sites in Essex
  • Once a year we organise a Rock, Mineral and Fossil show, where members of the public can buy rocks, fossils etc.


And what are we interested in?

We are interested in just about anything connected with geology (with a slight Essex bias!) e.g.

rocks  –   minerals  –  gems  –  pebbles   –  fossils  –  climate  –  volcanos  –  ice ages  –  museums  –  natural resources


Anything else?     Yes – quite a lot!

    • We video-record our Zoom meetings and post them to our own YouTube channel
        • Many of these concern the basics of geology in Essex – especially helpful for new recruits!

    • We Email our members a monthly newsletter

    • We create Podcasts highlighting forthcoming events, and discussing aspects of Essex geology

    • We have our own small libraries in Shenfield and Stanway, from which members can borrow books