How to use ERMS on-line booking process 

Step 1

Click on the link associated with the booking form for the particular visit that you want to attend. Each visit has its own booking form – but they all look the same, apart from the title and a brief explanation of what the visit entails. The links are usually advertised between two and three months before the date of the visit, and can be found in: 

  1. Newsletter 
  2. Website (click here to be taken to the links)


Step 2

Fill in all the details requested on the on-line form, including the ‘Payment’ section if you are a non-member (or a member booking for a non-member).

single form allows either one or two people to book places on the same form, with all combinations of members/non-members being allowed. You must then choose one of the combinations that are displayed as a list of single choice buttons.

Only those combinations which include at least one non-member will be presented with a ‘Payment’ field. Members, of course, don’t need to pay anything.

Step 3

After filling in all required details, and pressing ‘Submit’, several things will happen:

  1. You will immediately see a ‘Thank You’ page.
  2. Sometime later, you will receive a confirmation Email from the providers of our booking software (Jotform), sent to the email address that you have filled in on the form. If there are two attendees mentioned on the form, each one will get a confirmation email.
  3. The visit organiser will receive a ‘notification’ email, which will include all of your contact details.

After that, the organiser will initiate all further email correspondence with the attendees.     


What could possibly go wrong?

Actually, two things:

  1. You are too late. There is a cut-off date and time for each field visit – 48 hours before the visit date. This is to give the organiser enough time to email everyone with the final instructions for the visit.
  2. The visit may be over-subscribed. For various reasons e.g. safety, space etc., many of our field visits have a limit on the number of people who can attend. If there is a limit, you will see the number of remaining places displayed on the booking form, at the beginning of the process, when you are asked to enter the number of attendees. If, for example, there is only one place left, but you try to book for two people, your attempt will be blocked, and a sad message will pop up and telling you so.