One of the problems that newcomers often face, when trying to learn a bit more about Geology and related subjects, is that there are relatively few books available in their local library. These days, you can, of course, easily order books on line, or order a wide range of books from the local library, but unless you can physically see the book, it is not always easy to determine whether any particular book is what you are really looking for. 

ERMS has recognised this problem, and has long maintained its own library that members can borrow from. The books and magazines in this library are listed below and can be seen and borrowed at our monthly meetings in Shenfield and Stanway. To borrow a book, all you need to do is sign the library register to show that you have taken it out – and, of course, do the same in reverse, when you bring it back.

Stanway Library Books


AuthorEdition DatePublisherISBN
AgatesThe Natural History Museum1993HMSO0-11-310012-4
British FossilsJohn Thackray1984HMSO for BGS0 11 884237 4
British Fossils Cenozoic The Natural History Museum6th edition 2017Natural History Museum9780565093051
British Fossils Mesozoic The Natural History Museum8th edition 2018Natural History Museum978056509319-8
British Fossils MesozoicThe British Museum (Natural History)6th edition 1983The British Museum (Natural History)0-565-00872-2
British Fossils PalaeozoicThe Natural History Museum5th edition 2018Natural History Museum978056509303-7
Celebration of Suffolk Geology (A)????
Collecting Fossils????
Collecting Gems and MineralsChris Pellant---Quarto Publishing plc0-7153-1000-3
Dinosaurs RediscoveredMichael J. Benton2021Thames & Hudson Ltd978-0-500-29553-3
Dorset Coast (The) No.22 Geologists' Association GuideM.R. HouseRevised 1969Benham & Co Ltd, Colchesternone
Evolution of Man (The) The Pictorial Encyclopedia of J Jelínek1975Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd.0-600-37030-5
Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals (A)Frederick H Pough6th Printing 1970Constable & Co Ltd.09-4571805
Fossil BirdsW.E Swinton2nd Edition 1965The British Museum (Natural History)none
Fossil World (The)Richard MoodyHamlyn Publishing Group Ltd.0-600-33609-3
Fossils of All AgesJean-Claude Fischer & Yvette Gayrard-Valy1978Grosset & Dunlap 0-448-14718-1
Geological Curator Volume 10 Number 1The Geological Curators' Group2014The Geological Curators' Group0144-5294
Geological Curator Volume 10 Number 2The Geological Curators' Group2014The Geological Curators' Group0144-5294
Geological Curator Volume 10 Number 3The Geological Curators' Group2014The Geological Curators' Group0144-5294
Geological Curator Volume 10 Number 4The Geological Curators' Group2014The Geological Curators' Group0144-5294
Geological Curator Volume 10 Number 5The Geological Curators' Group2014The Geological Curators' Group0144-5294
Geological Curator Volume 10 Number 6The Geological Curators' Group2014The Geological Curators' Group0144-5294
Geology - The Key Ideas????
Geology of Britain (The) - An IntroductionDr Peter Toghill2012Airlife Publishing978 1 84037 404 9
Geology of London (The?)????

Geology - Unearthing the Underworld. A Natural History of Rocks

Ken McNamarar

2023 1st Edition

Reaktion Books Ltd, London

978 1 78914 718 6

Granite & Grit ????
Guide to Fossil Collecting in England & Wales????
Hamlyn Guide to Minerals, Rocks and Fossils (The)W.R Hamilton, A.R Wooley, A.C. Bishop1974Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd.0-600-34398-7
Hidden Landscape (The) - A Journey Into the Geological PastRichard Fortey2010The Bodley Head978-1-847-92071-3
Holiday Geology Guide : St.Ives to Cape Cornwall????
Introducing Palaeontology - A Guide to Ancient LifePatrick N. Wyse Jackson2017Dunedin Academic Press Ltd978-1-906716-15-8
London Clay Fossils of Kent & EssexDavid Rayner, Tony Mitchell, Martin Rayner & Fred Clouter2009Medway Lapidary & Mineral Soc978-0-9538243-1-1
Map That Changed the World (The)Simon Winchester2002Penguin978-0-140-28039-5
Natural History of the Frodingham Ironstone (The)1988Scunthorpe Borough Museum0-947777-10-5
Notes From Deep TimeHelen Gordon2021Profile Books9.78179E+12
On the Rocks - A Geology of BritainDr Robert Muir Wood1978B.B.C.0 563 16211 2
Penguin Dictionary of GeologyD.G.A Whitten with J.V.R Brooks1978Allen Lane0-7139-1096-8
Planet in a Pebble (The)Jan Zalasiewicz2012Oxford University Press978-0-19-964569-5
Proceedings of the Geologists' Ass. Vol 124 Iss 5 Dec 13Geologists' Association2013Elsevier LtdISSN 0016-7878
Proceedings of the Geologists' Ass. Vol 124 Iss 6 Dec 13Geologists' Association2013Elsevier LtdISSN 0016-7878
Proceedings of the Geologists' Ass.2003 & Dec 13Geologists' Association2013Elsevier Ltd?
Reading the RocksMarcia Bjornerud2006Basic Books978-0-465-00684-7
Rocks, Minerals & GemstonesI.O. Evans1973Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd.0-600-37537-4
Sand ????
Sandstone and Sea StacksRonald Turnball2011Francis Lincoln Ltd978-0-7112-3228-0

She Sold Seashells. The curious Mary Anning. Re-imagined.

Wolfgang Grulke (Signed in Reconstituted squid ink)

2023 1st Edition

At one communications


Short History of Nearly Everything (A) Bill Bryson1988Transworld Publishers0-552-99704-8
Star-Crossed Stone (The)Kenneth J. McNamara2011University of Chicago Press978-0-226-51469-7
Structural GeologyRobert J. Twiss & Eldridge M. Moores1992W. H. Freeman0-7167-2252-6
Vanished Oceans (How the Tethys reshaped the world)Dorrik Stow???
VolcanoesA. & L. Rittmann1976Orbis Publishing0 85613 219 5

Volcanoes (paperback) Geological Museum

Susanna van Rose & Ian Mercer1977HMSO0-11-880621-1

Volcanoes (paperback) Geological Museum

Susanna van Rose & Ian Mercer1977HMSO for BGS0-11-880621-1

Shenfield Library Books

SectionTitleAuthorEdition DatePublisherISBN

Date into library

Rocks & MineralsAgatesThe British Museum (Natural History)1993HMSO for Natural History Museum0 11 310012 4?in library
Rocks & MineralsCollecting Rocks, Minerals, Gems and FossilsRussell P. MacFall1963Hawthorn Books Inc., New Yorknone?in library
Rocks & MineralsCollector's Guide to Minerals and Gemstones (A) Hellmuth Boegel. Editor John Sinkankas1976Thames and Hudsonnone?in library
Rocks & MineralsColour Guide to Familiar Minerals and Rocks (A)Dr Jiří Kouřimský1974Octopus Books0 7064 0408 4?in library
Rocks & MineralsExploring Minerals & CrystalsRobert I Gait1972McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd07-07-077395-5?in library
Rocks & MineralsField Guide to Rocks and Minerals (A)Frederick H Pough2nd edition 1971Constable & company Ltd0 09 457180 5?in library
Rocks & MineralsGlossary of Mineral Species 1980Michael Fleischer1980John Sampson Whitenone?in library
Rocks & MineralsGranite and GritRonald Turnbull2011Frances Lincoln Ltd978-0-7112-3180-1?in library
Rocks & MineralsHamlyn Guide to Minerals, Rocks and Fossils (The)W R Hamilton, A R Wooley, A C Bishop?Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd.0 600 34398 7?in library
Rocks & MineralsMineral Kingdom (The)Paul E Desautels?0-448-01224-3
Rocks & MineralsMineralogy For StudentsM H Battey (University if Newcastle upon Tyne)1972Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh0 05 002243 1?in library
Rocks & MineralsMinerals and ManCornelius S Hurlbut Jr1970Random House, New Yorknone?in library
Rocks & MineralsMinerals and Rocks in ColourJ F Kirkaldy (Queen Mary College, London)1972Blandford Press Ltd0 7137 0160 9?in library
Rocks & MineralsPractical Study of Crystals, Minerals and Rocks (The)K G Cox, N B Price andB Harte1974 rev. 1st ediMcGraw-Hill Book Co (UK) Ltd?in library
Rocks & MineralsRock and Mineral Collecting in BritainPeter R Rodgers1979Faber & Faber, London0 571 10972 1?in library
Rocks & MineralsRocks & Minerals Paul E Desautels1974The Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd0 600 37568 4?in library
Rocks & MineralsRocks & Minerals of the WorldDavid Cook & Wendy Kirk2001Kingfisher Field Guides0 86272 693 X?in library
Rocks & MineralsBrief Illustrated Account of the English Eocene Shark & Ray Fossils (A)D J Kemp1977Gosport Museumnone?in library
FossilsBritish Caenozoic Fossils (Tertiary and Quaternary)The British Museum (Natural History)5th Edition 1975British Museum0 565 0540 2?in library
FossilsBritish FossilsJohn Thackray1984HMSO for BGS0 11 884237 4?in library
FossilsBritish Mesozoic FossilsThe British Museum (Natural History)5th Edition 1975British Museum (Natural History)0 565 05703 0?in library
FossilsBritish Palaeozoic FossilsThe British Museum (Natural History)1964 (1st)British Museum (Natural History)none?in library
FossilsCollecting FossilsAlan Major1974John Bartholomew & Son Ltd0 85152 937 2?in library
FossilsDiscover Dorset FossilsRichard Edmonds1999The Dovecote press1 874336 65 2?in library
FossilsDigging Up Dinosaurs (Juvenile literature)Aliki1981The Bodley Head0 370 30441 1?in library
FossilsDinosaursJames Lambert1978Grisewood & Dempsey Ltd0 986279 00 3?in library
FossilsEarly History of Palaeontology (The)W N Edwards1967British Museum (Natural History)none?in library
FossilsFinding Fossils (A Guide to Good Collecting Sites)Roger Hamilton and Allan N Insole1977Penguin Books Ltdnone?in library
FossilsFossil AmphibiansW E Swinton1958British Museum (Natural History)none?in library
FossilsFossil Vertebrates of the Cromer Forest BedBrian McWilliams1975Norfolk Museums Servicenone?in library
FossilsFossil World (The)Richard Moody1972Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd0 600 33069 3?in library
FossilsFossils in ColourJ F Kirkaldy (Queen Mary College, London)1970Blandford Press Ltd0 7137 0460 8?in library
FossilsFossils, Minerals and Rocks. Collection and preservationR Croucher and A R Woolley (British Museum)1982Cambridge University Press0 521 24736 5?in library
FossilsIllustrated Guide to Barton FossilsTony Sanders & John Cooper??none?in library
FossilsLondon Clay Fossils of the Isle of SheppyFred Clouter, Tony Mitchell, David Rayner & Martin Rayner2000Medway Lapidary & Mineral Soc.0-9538243-0-6?in library
FossilsMan the ToolmakerKenneth Oakley1960British Museum (Natural History)none?in library
FossilsStudy of Fossils (The)J F Kirkaldy (Queen Mary College, London)1971Hutchinson Educational Ltd0 09 180391 5?in library
CrystallographyCrystallographyR Steadman1982Van Nostrand Reinhold Ltd0-442-30498-6?in library
CrystallographyCrystals & Light: An Introduction to Optical CrystallographyElizabeth A Wood1977 2nd revisedDover Publications Inc. New York0-486-23431-2?in library
CrystallographyGrowing Synthetic CrystalsKurt Nassau1964Bell Telephone Laboratories Incnone?in library
Locations Collector's Guide to Minerals, Rocks & Gemstones in Cornwall & DevonCedric Rogers1968D Bradford Barton Ltdnone?in library
Locations Cornwall's Old MinesH V Williams? Tor Mark Pressnone?in library
Locations Discover Dorset GeologyPaul Ensom1998The Dovecote Press1 874336 52 09?in library
Locations GA Guides: Estuarine Region of Suffolk & EssexJ T Greensmith, R G Blezard, C R Bristow, R Markham & E V Tucker1973Geologists' Associationnone?in library
Locations GA Guides: Geology of the WealdJ F Kirkaldy1967Geologists' Associationnone?in library
Locations GA Guides: Geology of theYorkshire CoastJ E Hemingway, V Wilson, & C W Wright1968Geologists' Associationnone?in library
Locations GA Guides: Onny Valey, ShropshirePeter Toghill1992Geologists' Associationnone?in library
Locations GA Guides: The Isle of WightDennis Curry,B Daley,N Edwards,F A Middlemiss,F C Stinton & C W Wright1972Geologists' Associationnone?in library
Locations GA Guides: The London RegionR G Blezard,R G Bromley,J M Hancock,S W Hester,R W Hey & J F Kirkaldy1967Geologists' Associationnone?in library
Locations Geology & Scenery in England and WalesA E Truman. Revised by J B Whittow & J R Hardy1980Penguin Books Ltd0 14 02 0185 8?in library
Locations Lakeland Geology (Where to go: What to See)E H Shackleton1975Dalesman Books0 85206 282 6?in library
Locations Lead Mining in th Peak DistrictCompiled by Peak District Historical Society members1975 2nd editionPeak Park Joint Planning Board0-901428 25 6?in library
Locations British Regional Geology of the Midland Valley of ScotlandI B Cameron BSc, & D Stephenson BSc, PhD1985HMSO for BGS0 11 884365 6?in library
Locations Mines of the Eagle Country: Nickel Plate & MascotDoug Cox1998Skookum Publications0-919773-11-7?in library
Locations British Regional Geology of North WalesBernard Smith MA, ScD, FRS & T Neville George DSc,PhD1961 3rd editionHMSO SBN 11 880145 7?in library
Locations Pebbles on Cornwall's Beaches, Identifying & CollectingL C Ferris?Tor Mark Pressnone?in library
Locations Rockhound's Guide to the Peak National Park & Adjacent AreasDon Edwards1975Tideswell Dale Rock Shopnone?in library
Locations GS. A Short Account of the Geology of the Isle of WightGeological Survey of Great Britain1975Geological Survey of Great Britain0 11 880739 0?in library
PetrologyHarker's Petrology For StudentsRevised by: C E Tilley, S R Nockolds, M Black1962 8th editionCambridge University Pressnone?in library
PetrologyPetrology For StudentsS R Nockolds, R W O'B Knox & G A Chinner1978Cambridge University Press0 521 29184 4?in library
PetrologyPetrology of the Igneous RocksF H Hatch, A K Wells & M K Wells1974 13th editionThomas Murby & Co.0 04 552008 9?in library
PetrologyPetrology of the Sedimentary RockJ T Greensmith6th editionGeorge Alleen & Unwin Ltd.0-04-552012-7?in library
TectonicsEarthquakesInstitute og Geological Sciences1983HMSO for Institute of Geo. Sciences0 11 884066 5?in library
TectonicsGreat English Earthquake (The)Peter Haining1976Robert Hale London0 7091 5395 3?in library
TectonicsMount St. HelensU S Department of Agriculture (Forest Services)1980U S Department of Agriculturenone?in library
TectonicsVolcanoesDr. Peter Francis1978Penguin Books Ltd0 14 02 1897 1?in library
GeologyAge of the Earth (The)John Thackray1980HMSO for Institute of Geological Studies0 11 884077 0?in library
GeologyBritain Before ManF W Dunning, I M Mercer, M P Owen, R H Roberts & J L M Lambert1978HMSO for Institute of Geological Studies0 11 880774 9?in library
GeologyEarth (The)Arthur Beiser1971Time-Life Internationalnone?in library
GeologyEarth Science Conservation (Journal)Nature Conservancy CouncilNo 27 March 1990Nature Conservancy Council0 142-2324?in library
GeologyEarth Science Conservation in Great Britain. A StrategyNature Conservancy Council1990Nature Conservancy Council0 86139 689?in library
GeologyGeneral Principals of GeologyJ F Kirkaldy1971Hutchinson & Co (Publishers)0 09 096621?in library
GeologyGeology for SchoolsJ T Greensmith BSc PhD1967Leonard Hill, Londonnone?in library
GeologyGeology Made SimpleWilliam H Matthwes1970W H Allen, London0 491 00629 2?in library
GeologyMeteorites. A Concis AccountA A Moss1971 2nd editionBritish Museum )Natural History)none?in library
GeologyObservers Book of Geology (The)I O Evans FRGS1968Frederick Warne & Co Ltd.7232 0052 1?in library
GeologyOur Planet EarthKeith LYE BA PhD1983Galley Press0 86136 921 1?in library
GeologyPenguin Dictionary of Geology (The)D G A Whitten with J R V Brooks1972Penguin Books Ltd0-14-051049-4?in library
GeologyPenguin Dictionary of Geology (The)D G A Whitten with J R V Brooks1978 reprintPenguin Books Ltd0-14-051.049-4?in library
GeologyPlanet in a Pebble (The)Jan Zalasiewiccz2012Oxford University Press978-0-19-964569-5?in library
GeologyReading the Rocks. The Autobiography of the EarthMarcia Bjornerud2006Basic Books (Member of Perseus Group)0-465-00684-1?in library
GeologyTurning Up The Heat (Our Perilous Future in the Global Greenhouse)Fred Pearce1989The Bodley Head0-370-31260-0?in library
GeologyThe Universe and the EarthNeil Ardley, Ian Ridpath & Peter Harben1978Macdonald Education Ltd.0 356 05761 5?in library
///GeomorphologyLandscape Processes. An Introduction to GeomorphologyDarrell and Valerie Weyman1983 4thGeorge Allen & Unwin0 04 551026 1?in library
///GeomorphologyPhysical GeographyCuchlaine A M King1980Basil Blackwell0-631-11081-X?in library
///GeomorphologyRocks & ReliefB W Sparks1971Longman Group Ltd0 582 48162 7?in library
TopographyGeological Structures And MapsA Roberts1968 reprintedMacmillan & co Ltdnone?in library
TopographyIntermediate Map ReadingThomas Pickles BSc1967J M Dent & Sons Ltdnone?in library
TopographySketch - Map and Exercise BooksThomas Pickles BSc1960John Murray (Publishers( Ltdnone?in library
MiscellaneousWyley History of the Geologists' Association 1958 - 2008Bernard Elgey Leake, Arthur Clive Bishop & Richard John Howarth2013The Geologists' Association078 09007177 71 0