Who’s who in the Essex Rock and Mineral Society

The ERMS committee meets either three or four times a year. All of the committee members named below have been elected at the Annual General Meeting. In addition, other committee members may be co-opted by the committee during the course of the year.

Officers of the Society

    • Chairman – Ian Mercer

    • Vice-Chairman – Jeff Saward (show@erms.org)

    • Secretary – Ros Mercer (secretary@erms.org)

    • Treasurer – Alistair Rickards

Other committee members

    • Membership Secretary – Mark Matthews (membership@erms.org)

    • Stanway Membership coordinators – Brian & Kay Gordon 

    • Field Visits Coordinator – Jonathan Spencer (fieldvisits@erms.org)

    • Paul Roberts – Stanway meetings

    • Sylvia Cousins

Annual Reports and AGM minutes


Annual Report

AGM minutes





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