• Booking is essential for all visits
  • Due to insurance requirements, only ERMS members may take part in these Field Visits. Fortunately, it is very easy to join ERMS and become a member.
  • Please note the clothing and footwear requirements, especially for those visits to working quarries
  • Please email our Field Visits Organiser (Linda Powell;  lindacardy@hotmail.co.uk) to reserve a place. Alternatively, text or telephone  07882 282583
  • Please do not just ‘turn up’ at a field visit in the hope that you can take part. Everyone must book a place beforehand. 
  • If you subsequently decide not to come, or expect to arrive late, please telephone the number above so that a message may be passed to the leader and participants will not be kept waiting.


Visit Location


Saturday 18/03/23

Bull's Lodge Quarry, Boreham

The thick till (boulder clay), deposited by an ice sheet, contains many derived fossils and erratics. The underlying Kesgrave thames gravels contain boulders from North Wales and S.W. England plus Hertfordshire puddingstone. A helmet, boots and high visibility jacket are all essential

Sunday 16/04/23

Walton on the Naze

This is one of Essex's finest geological sites, offering fine exposures of Red Crag and London Clay, where fossils, including sharks teeth, may be found. A garden sieve and trowel will be useful. Children are particularly welcome on this visit.




This is a London Clay site



Highwood Quarry, Dunmow



Barham Dig


XX July

Oxford Natural History Museum

This is a coach trip to one of the UK's best natural history museums.


XX August

Three Churches in Dunmow


XX September

Coleman's Quarry

This is our fourth visit to this working quarry (no under 18s permitted). The Kesgrave Thames river gravels contain boudlers and pebbles from as far north as North Wales, and SW England plus some Hertfordshire puddingstone. A helmet, boots, and high visibility jacket are all essential.



Coach trip to the Oxford Natural History Museum

This is a coach trip to one of the UK's finest natural history museums


XX October

North Stifford and Mardyke valley

A visit to North Stifford church which has a great variety of interesting rocks in its walls. After the church, we visit the nearby Mardyke valley. The whole trip will be an excellent introduction to the fascinating geology of this part of Essex


XX November

Geology at the British Museum