For all visits please note the following:

  • Mobile phone numbers are required and attendees must have these switched on before and during the visit so that we can contact you in the event of an emergency.
  • Please arrive before the start time. If the party has not heard from a member who is late, the visit will commence no later than ten minutes after the start time and late comers will be unable to join the visit.
  • Helmet, boots and high visibility jacket are essential, as well as safety glasses if you intend to hammer rocks. A stick is also handy when climbing.
  • Spaces are limited on some visits so there is a first come, first served policy in place. 
  • All bookings to be made online please. 
  • Full details of the visit and how to get to the site will be released 48 hours before the event, which is also the cut off for sign ups. 
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Date & Location

Field Visit Description


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Team Leader

6th January 2024

London Geo Walk

Limited to 20 Places

A walk to view London geological history.

Mark Matthews

23rd February 2024

Hadleigh, Essex, ERMS Trail, Essex 

Limited to 30 Places

The rock layers seen in Hadleigh Park tell a story of tropical seas, swamps and deltas over 50 million years ago; and of course within the last two million years the ice ages have contributed to the scenery we see today.

Look out for some of the best views in Essex, erosion in action, spring lines and of course a Norman castle, painted by John Constable.

Kevin Timmons

23rd March 2024

Colemans Farm Gravel Quarry

Limited to 30 Places

Mammoth remains, Palaeolithic tools and a variety of derived fossils have all been found at this fascinating quarry. Ice age geology is visible and we get the chance to find our own specimens on the reject pile. The owner will also show us the latest collection of artefacts that he has found.

Bulls Lodge, Highwood and Colemans all complement each other as visits. 

Jonathan Spencer


London Clay Site (Subject to Tides)

Limited to 30 Places

London clay is one of the defining rocks of the Essex landscape and can be viewed in many locations. This visit will enable members to search for fossil specimens from the rich flora and fauna preserved in the clay. 

Jonathan Spencer

27th April 2024

Bulls Lodge Quarry, Boreham


Limited to 30 Places

The classic ERMS visit. Not to be missed if you love Ice age geology and finding puddingstones, sarcens and all kinds of exotic specimens in the gravel reject pile. There are also occasional fossils found such as flint echinoids and sponges

John Walmsley



To be confirmed

Limited to 30 Places

Essex’s premier geological site where one can find the only cliffs in Essex. These yield London clay and Red Crag fossils and display rotational landslips. Further along the beach ancient land surfaces are visible and find occasional stone tools on the foreshore. The site was used by the military in WWII and there are also remains of this to be seen on the cliff tops, and occasional bullets (spent) and shrapnel to be found on the beach.

Jonathan Spencer

6th July 10:30

Bulmer Brick and Tile Co Ltd

£5 per member, Limited to 20 people/15 cars

To see brickworks in action, view clay pit geology and learn from brick expert Peter Minter about the history of bricks.

Jonathan Spencer

18th August

Saffron Walden Museum/building stones walk

Limited to 12 places

Saffron Walden Museum has an excellent geology section including some fine sarcens and puddingstones outside, as well as artefacts of interest from every period in the history of this fascinating town.

Kevin Timmons

September to be confirmed

Channels, Essex ERMS Gravel Trail 

John Walmsley


Highwood Quarry, Dunmow

To be Confirmed

Limited to 30 Places

Another visit to view latest revelations in ice age geology and look for interesting specimens amongst the pebble beds. Last year (2023) the clays yielded some interesting examples of Jurassic gryphaea fossils.

John Walmsley


Norwich Castle museum and a side visit to the stored Mammoth remains.


Stored in an impressive Norman keep, the museum collection spans every period of East Anglian history with a fascinating geological section. This includes the cast of a sea urchins internal structure and a woolly mammoth stored offsite which we hope to view. There are also some spectacular glass models of delicate creatures such as jelly fish, and an impressive array of Celtic and Anglo Saxon artefacts.

John Spencer