The hard core members - meeting even during Covid!

Membership of the Society is open to anyone over 18 years of age. 

    • Under 18s are welcome to attend Society activities provided they are accompanied by a member. 

    • Some field trips – normally those to working quarries – are restricted to those over 18.


Annual membership: £17 per year.

    • Membership runs from the date of joining up to December 31st 2023. 

    • But: anyone (either new or existing members) who joins (or rejoins) after 31st October 2023 enjoys full membership up to the end of 2024 (i.e. a maximum of 14months)

    • You can pay by:
        • bank transfer

        • debit/credit card at one of our monthly meetings

        • debit/credit card on-line

        • cheque (details on the membership form – below)

        • unfortunately, we don’t take cash any more


Membership entitles you to attend meetings, field trips and Zoom meetings 

    • Members may attend any and all meetings in either or both locations. 

    • We run on-line Zoom meetings, once per month. These meetings are recorded and uploaded to our own private YouTube channel

    • Field visits are mainly within Essex, but sometimes we visit sites in Kent, Suffolk etc

If you would like to find out more about us before joining please come along to one of our meetings and check us out. 

    • Non-members £5 per meeting – refundable upon membership.

    • Either: Download and print this form, fill in your details, then post it  to our Membership Secretary ( as indicated on the form. If you use this method, you can pay by cheque or bank transfer.

    • Or: Download this form, copy it to your laptop, fill in your details on screen, then email it to our Membership Secretary ( This is a convenient way if you are paying by bank transfer.

    • Or: Fill in a membership form at one of our monthly meetings, and pay by Credit/Debit card.

If you have any problems or questions, please email the membership secretary at