Essex Rock - the ultimate book on Essex rocks!

Essex Rock is a ‘must have’ for anyone interested in the rocks of Essex and how they got there. There is simply no other book that comes even close to the comprehensive treatment of Essex geology presented herein. The graphics and photos are gorgeous to look at, and when combined with crystal clear explanations of the geological processes that made Essex what it is today, this book becomes a joy to read and an essential work of reference for amateur and professional alike. 


You can order your copy on-line, direct from Pelagic Publishing: Essex Rock from Pelagic Publishing

The Ashdon Meteorite - The story of the most famous Essex meteorite.

This small booklet tells the facinating story of one of the few meteorites whose fall to ground has actually been witnessed. Not only that, it goes on to describe the improbable chain of events that resulted in it being examined by the UK’s formost meteorite expert of the day.

You can order this booklet on line from ERMS: The Ashdon Meteorite booklet


ERMS has produced several  excellent wall posters which highlight various aspects of the geology of Essex 


Now there is third poster to go alongside “Pebbles” and “Fossils”.

Contains your favourite Deep Time Column on one side plus the Essex Rock Story on the other!




Now, you can buy ERMS posters direct from the ERMS on-line shop